Community Service

How much can an association like Fulton County Retired Teachers Association volunteer to the community?  Try the equivalent of $89,513.60 which represents over 3,625 hours of volunteer hours at a rate of $24.69/hour.

Who were our “Top Volunteers” recognized at our April 25th luncheon?  Pictured below are (seated L-R) Rosemary Clemans (142 hours), Stephenia Barkman (130 hours), Kay Horn (2nd 456 hours) as well as (standing L-R) Jeri Good (197 hours), Katie McCarter (226 hours), Ilene Howard (3rd 332 hours), and top volunteer Linda Wade (1st 513 hours).

A replica check for $89,513.60 was presented to Mayor Ted Denton.


The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association have once again volunteered to help make sure Rochester’s 3rd and 5th grade classes at Riddle School can see well.  FCRTA volunteers, along with the school health nurse, conduct the vision screenings.  Any vision problems are then referred to the school health nurse, student’s parents, and their ophthalmologists for review.  In fact, 2019 marks the 5th year that FCRTA volunteers have helped with this important service project.

Visual problems may impact a child’s learning and FCRTA wants to help make sure no student suffers.  Fulton County Retired Teachers Association volunteers included Nancy Trier, Kay Horn, Ruth Bohs, Judy Climie, Diane Weaver-Gady, Rosemary Clemans, JoEllen Wynn, Stephenia Barkman-Adams, Jan Brash, Nikki Wilson, Gordon Bohs, and Betty Martens.


Fulton County Retired Teachers Association members Jeri Good, Kay Horn, and Ilene Howard joined the educators and children for the Riddle Elementary School Book Fair in Rochester, IN to help promote reading.

Members of the Fulton County Retired Teaches Association don’t stop volunteering even late in the year.  This year, members Kathy Christman, Judy Clime, Kay Horn, and Lisa Jennings all volunteered to ring the bell for the Salvation Army’s annual Bell Ringing fundraising effort.  FCRTA members rang the bell, had fun, and raised money for this worthwhile cause.


Association Luncheons

Our April 25th luncheon was the kickoff our summer schedule.  FCRTA had our April luncheon at Wynnfield Crossing, an assisted living facility in Rochester, Indiana.  Several retired teachers from Fulton County reside at Wynnfield Crossing.

Co Presidents Jeri Good and Stephenia Barkman made the presentation of the Top Volunteer Awards prior to the business meeting.  A replica check for our volunteer efforts was presented to Rochester Mayor, Ted Denton, in the amount of $89, 513.60.  This replica check represents our investment in the community with over 3,625 volunteer hours at a rate of $24.69/hour.

Our association makes a tremendous impact on the community and we look forward to our future volunteer efforts to the Fulton County community as well.

A silent auction table was set up for teachers to bring items for sale to raise money for the association treasury.  Pictured in the slideshow is member Patti Hiatt reviewing items on our Silent Auction Table.  In addition to the silent auction fun, Western New Mexico University grads Judy Zent, Galen Smith, and Ilene Howard enjoyed good times together.  Retired Teachers Linda Wade, Stephenia Barkman, Charlotte Miller, Gordon Bohs, and Phil Pratt enjoyed chatting before the business meeting (not visible in that photo are Carol Walker and Connie Terpstra).   Finally at the near table, members Judy Climie, Fran Baxter JoEllen Wynn, and Katie McCarter are enjoying a conversation with Mayor Ted Denton.


The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association enjoyed our June 20th meeting at Teel’s Restaurant in Mentone, IN along with the new IRTA Area #3 Director, Charlie Short.  Charlie and his wife Sharon were welcome guests as we celebrated receiving news of our association’s awards from the IRTA Representative Assembly.

Fulton County received Outstanding Press Release and Outstanding Website certificates for our organization’s work in 2018 through early 2019.  Kay Horn was on hand to receive the certificates at the IRTA Representative Assembly and shared them with our association members.  Kay was recognized by our association co-President, Jeri Good, for all of the hard work to receive the certificates on our association’s behalf.

Jeri Good also displayed a replica check for $89,513.60 representing the reported 3,625 volunteer hours by our association members in 2018.  On hand to enjoy the festivities were Carol Calloway, Cheri Meiser, Diane Weaver Gady, Kay Horn, Jeri Good, first time attendee Wynne Cook (a 2018 retiree from Rochester Community Schools), and Area #3 Director Charlie Short and wife Sharon.


The August 22nd luncheon was held at the Uncorked Restaurant in Rochester.  Nancy Hudson, a Purdue Extension Educator, was our special guest speaker and gave a talk on Mediterranean cuisine and highlighted Greece in her presentation.  Nancy brought samples of baklava for everyone to taste and enjoy.

In addition to our speaker and presentation of reports to the members, our own Kay Horn displayed a wall hanging she created for her daughter’s Argos High School classroom.  The Stonehenge wall hanging, based on the World Heritage site, was designed as a conversation starter when Shakespeare or the Stonehenge area of the United Kingdom is discussed in class.

Members that attended the meeting shown in the images below include:  Kay Horn, Joellen Wynn, Cheri Meiser, Connie Terpstra, Nikkie Wilson, Lana Louderback Fritts, Stephenia Barkman Adams, Charlotte Miller, Diane Weaver Gady, Betty Martens, Carol Calloway, Katie McCarter, and Joellen Wynn.


The October 24th luncheon was the conclusion of our 2019 year of events.  We had such a good time with each other, that we only took this single photo.  While some of our members will be going south for the winter and others will remain here in Fulton County, we want to thank all of our members who joined in the fun this past year.  We look forward to another great year in 2020.


Community Participation

Members of the Fulton County Retired Teachers Association decided to get back into the business of educating.  This time, FCRTA members Linda Redinger, Jane Horvath, and Kay Horn are teaching people how to quilt at the Argos Public Library.

The members are teaching a class of 11 ladies and providing a wonderful community experience for all.  After everyone completes their quilted blocks, everything will eventually become a finished wall hanging, quilt, or lap throw.


Fulton County Retired Teachers Association members that are part of the Plymouth Friendship Quilt Guild join together for the 2019 annual quilt show.  The raffle quilt, made by members, is hung at the Plymouth Heartland Art Gallery and will be on display from August 27th through September 20th.  Members Suzy Walker, Kay Horn, Jane Horvath, Linda Redinger, Sue Collins, Bonnie Gibson, Linda Morrow, Kathy Zentz, Marcia McCartney, Keri Mersch, and Barb Prusinski proudly showcase the exhibit.


IRTA Representative Assembly and Workshops

Fulton County Retired Teachers Association members Stephenia Barkman, Ilene Howard, and Kay Horn attended the 54th Annual IRTA Representative Assembly on June 12, 2019.  Fulton County delegates had the opportunity to interact with fellow RTA members from around the state, vote on proposed changes to IRTA bylaws, as well as receive recognition for accomplishments.

Fulton County had three members that were recognized with Honorable mention awards for 2018 volunteer hours.  Fulton County members Linda Wade, Kay Horn, and Ilene Howard received their awards for their 2018 volunteer hours that supported the Fulton County community.

The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association received a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Press Releases as well as a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Website (Kay Horn, fourth from the right, shown receiving award).


FCRTA members Kay Horn, Stephenia Barkman Adams, and Ilene Howard attended the IRTA Leadership Workshop at Grace College in Winona Lake, Warsaw on July 24th.  The Leadership Workshop provided our members the opportunity to interact with members from other area RTA associations as well as gain additional knowledge to help support our association.


Association Member Life Events

Fulton County Retired Teachers Association co-President Stephenia Barkman was married to her new husband, Bill Adams, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on May 25th, 2019.  Reverend Phil Pratt, a fellow Fulton County retired teacher, was officiating the spectacular ceremony.  Please congratulate the couple and send your well wishes.