Community Service

Fulton County Retired Teachers Association Community Service Chairperson, Cheryl Downs, presents a replica check to Mayor Ted Denton.  The replica check demonstrates the monetary savings that FCRTA members save the community through their volunteer efforts.  For this year’s check, FCRTA volunteered 4,272 hours, representing a savings to the community of $103,126.08.

The top 10 volunteers this past year included Linda Wade (660 volunteer hours), Ilene Howard (473.5 volunteer hours), Kay Horn (463.5 volunteer hours), Phyllis Whitmore, Phil McCarter, Katie McCarter, Charlotte Miller, Jeri Good, Betty Mortens, and Rosemary Clemans.



Each year in the month of October, the Fulton County Retired Teachers Association joins the Lions Club International’s efforts to detect vision issues in children before becoming a problem and affecting their education.  FCRTA members assisted Riddle School 3rd and 5th grade vision screenings this year with the help of coordinator Katie McCarter and the school nurse.  Each child is given two assessments, an “up close” vision screening and a screening for distance vision.  Any vision complications detected result in the school recommending further tests from an eye doctor.

Members Ruth and Gordon Bohs, Jan Brash, Judy Climie, Connie Hoppes, Kay Horn, Katie McCarter, Maureen Pfeiffer, Marsha Roberts, Nancy Trier, Nikki Wilson, and JoEllen Wynn enjoyed providing a valuable service to local children to ensure they are not deterred while learning.


Each year the Fulton County Retired Teachers Association members ring the bell to help raise money for the Salvation Army.  This year was no different.  Our bell ringing activity was organized by Gordon Bohs.  Member Kay Horn, shown below, is one of many retired teachers that volunteered to collect donations for this worthwhile organization.  The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association helped support the Salvation Army’s efforts support the community with an overall collection of $34,500, exceeding the 2017 totals.



The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association is active in the education community by volunteering to assist the students and librarian at Riddle School during the annual Book Fair event.  Members Maureen Pfeiffer, Nikki Wilson, Kay Horn, and Katie McCarter help the school librarian in the morning hours when the book fair is open.  Riddle School is a better place because of the volunteer efforts of FCRTA members and their support is appreciated throughout the school.



Association Luncheons

The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association enjoyed their June luncheon at the Evergreen restaurant in Rochester.  Our special guest was IRTA Area 3 Director Sharon Henderson.  Sharon gave IRTA updates and congratulated the association on the awards received at the Representative Assembly.  Sharon also provided background on the newly introduced IRTA School Bell Award that will be awarded at the 2019 IRTA Representative Assembly.



The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association had a wonderful August luncheon at the Uncorked restaurant in Rochester.  Our special guest was fellow retired teacher and convener for the Fulton County Promise program Betty Martens.

The Promise program consists of four components:  (1) signing up students for 529 College Choice savings plans, (2) provide age appropriate classroom activities for teachers to use throughout the year encouraging students to keep post-high school education in their plans, (3) field trips to a college campus to provide early exposure to a higher learning environment, and (4) provide additional funds for students to recruit “Champions” to help them save for their future education.



The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association enjoyed our last meeting of the year with the October luncheon at the Jarrety’s Place restaurant in Rochester.  Our special guest was children’s book author Donna Frisinger who spoke about her newest book, “A Transistor Christmas” and the trials she had to overcome to have the book published.

Donna read a portion of her new book while her husband showcased some of the outstanding artwork.  The book is intended for children 5 and older and to be read as a family.  Members were encouraged to participate as we helped sing parts of the story lines to some familiar Christmas songs of the past.

Members Barb Absi, Gordon Bohs, Lynette Brugh, Kathy Christman, Rosemary Clemans, Judy Climie, Sandy Denton, Lana Fritts, Kay Horn, Ilene Howard, Sue Little, Katie McCarter, Joyce and Galen Smith, Barb VanDuyne,  Lynda Wade, Nancy Weaver, and Nikki Wilson enjoyed the wonderful fellowship with friends and the great presentation by our speaker.



IRTA Representative Assembly and Workshops

Fulton County Retired Teachers Association sent members Stephenia Barkman, Kay Horn, and Ilene Howard to the Indiana Retired Teachers Association Representative Assembly.  Delegates had the opportunity to interact with fellow RTA members from other Areas around the state as well as vote on changes to the IRTA bylaws.

Fulton County Retired Teachers Association received a certificate for Outstanding Press Release and an Honorable mention certificate for its website.  Fulton County members Kay Horn, Ilene Howard, and Linda Wade were all named Honorable mention for their 2017 volunteer hours.


Fulton County Retired Teachers Association members Ilene Howard, Kay Horn, and Stephenia Barkman attended the IRTA Fall Workshop.  The workshop was a well conducted meeting with many worthwhile ideas for local chapters to take back to their locale.


Community Recognition

Reverend Phil Pratt and his wife Jan are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in July at the Bethlehem Baptist Church near Akron, Indiana.  Prior to entering the ministry, Phil taught school and remains active in the Fulton County Retired Teachers Association.  FCRTA Members Kay Horn (second from left) and Ilene Howard (far right) help celebrate the young couple’s 60th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations Reverend Phil and Jan Pratt.


Community Participation

Fulton County Retired Teachers Association members participate in numerous activities in the community.  No matter if we are performing “La Virgen de la Macarena” in the Grace College Wind Ensemble Concert, showcasing quilts during the Fulton and Marshall County Fairs, celebrating special wedding anniversaries for members of the community, participating in Special Olympics fundraisers, celebrating an award for the 2018 National Certified Flight Instructor of the Year, or scoring 713 to become the 2018 Singles Bowling Champion, the Fulton County Retired Teachers Association invests in the community.

Look for FCRTA members at 4-H Fairs, local festivals, parades, you name it we are there contributing to the community we love so much.