About Us

The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association (FCRTA) is an organized group of retired teachers who taught or live in Fulton County, Indiana.  The FCRTA is a non-profit, non-political association that was organized October 31, 1990.  The FCRTA is an affiliate of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA).


The FCRTA mission is to promote the welfare of Indiana’s retired educators; to encourage and perpetuate education in the state of Indiana; and to provide community leadership, service, and guidance.

Our mission includes:

  • Sponsoring and supporting legislation concerning teacher’s pensions
  • Sponsoring and supporting education legislation
  • Sponsoring activities of special interest to retired teachers
  • Initiating and developing a continuous program of retired teacher welfare designed to improve the economic and social status of retired teachers


Any retired teacher, administrator, or surviving spouse who is receiving a pension from the Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fund may become a member by payment of annual dues.

Each year our association seeks new retirees by asking each school district for  a list of teachers who have retired.  We send out notices, call on the phone, and  offer to pay for lunch at a retiree’s first meeting.  Our association encourages all retired teachers to join.

Annual dues of $10 are collected during the April meeting.  Fulton County Retired Teachers Association dues are independent of IRTA dues.


The Fulton County Retired Teachers Association has several officers and committees.  The current officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Community Service, District and State Business, Media Coordinator, Graphics Designer, Website Manager, Luncheon Coordinator, Historian-Archives, Necrology, and Publicity-Marketing.

Fulton County Retired Teachers Association Officers

The 2022 office holders include:

  • President – Stephenia Barkman-Adams (right)
  • Vice President – Ilene Howard (center)
  • Secretary – Kay Horn (left)
  • Treasurer – Kay Horn (left)
  • Community Service Chairperson – Cheryl Downs
  • District and State Business Chairperson – Ilene Howard
  • Media Coordinator – Carol Walker
  • Graphics Designer – Kathy Christman
  • Website Manager – Kay Horn
  • Luncheon Coordinator – JoEllen Wynn
  • Historian-Archives Chairperson – Connie Terpstra
  • Necrology Chairperson – Jeri Good
  • Publicity & Marketing Chairperson – Carol Calloway

Any member interested in participating as an officer or serving on a committee is encouraged to contact any of the current officers.